Free Spirit Counseling

To provide a sacred space for people to develop self-compassion, learn self-nurturing, live authentically, and find healing. And to witness each of my clients conquer their deepest wounds and live their lives to their utmost potential, happiness, and wellness.

Casey Romine

I believe counseling is a valuable tool for everyone, and I take a holistic, person centered, existential approach to counseling, while also incorporating horses in doing Equine Assisted Mental Health (EAMH). It is my belief that you have the answers for yourself and that optimal wellness is achieved through the development, understanding, and balance of five aspects of life: love, friendship, work, self-regulation, and spirituality. Through the development of a strong relationship between counselor and client, I can begin understanding the world through your lens as we walk alongside one another while you explore your values and we work towards collaboratively set goals.