About Me

The birth of Free Spirit Counseling comes from my heart horse, PD. He taught me so much about myself, my greatest successes and triumphs came through my partnership with him. I didn’t realize how much strength he had provided me until he was gone. Looking back, I believe he waited until I had finished my masters program and took that first training so that I could take the next step in my life without him. Learning a new perspective on how to be, and how to be with horses has been an absolute revelation. Life is not all about performance and winning. Being is enough. We are all enough.

My purpose is to help people along their journeys to healing with the help of equine partners. I believe that I am here to share what I have learned, hold a sacred space, and witness others finding their truest selves apart from their challenges.

I offer a safe space in a non traditional setting in which clients can naturally learn about themselves and heal from the challenges that life has presented to them. Horses are powerful sentient beings that only communicate non-verbally, thus forcing us to find new ways of understanding that transcends words. We often shy away from our true selves, from our spirit, but horses can speak this language. They are honest and force us to be so as well.

What values and beliefs will I carry through all aspects of business? Hard work. Initiative. Honesty. It takes effort to see growth and success. What we put into things will be a reflection of what it produces. I think it is essential to be transparent in our lives and to live in a way that aligns with who we really are.