Meet the Herd


Breed: 3/4 Pony
Color: Sorrel
Born: 2001

Silky is small but mighty! Very sweet and yet full of sass. Her small stature makes her a great choice for clients less comfortable with larger horses. She is a great teacher of the duality of life and the importance of effort. 

Norma Jean

Breed:  American Quarter Horse

Color: Bay Roan 

Born: 2005

Norma Jean is big, athletic, and sensitive. Her history is complex and offers clients the opportunity to witness the possibility of change, rebuilding trust, and thriving after trauma. Her powerful physique is hard to deny and challenges people to approach their biggest struggles with compassion, confidence, and courage. 


Breed: American Quarter Horse
Color: Buttermilk Buckskin
Born: 2008 

Undeniably athletic and smart, Dish is a quirky guy. An outstanding performer, he hates to be bored, and has some habits that come about when he isn’t busy that many people can relate to. He is a big lover and hates to be alone. Dish reminds us that not everyone is perfect. 


Breed:  American Quarter Horse

Color: Buckskin

Born: 2017

Bunny is young and on her own journey of growth. Originally coming from a neglect situation, she struggled with behavioral problems, Bunny has made incredible strides with a firm and patient hand. She has learned that she has to have manners even if her background wasn’t the environment she needed. Now a super sweet girl, she’s continuing to receive training and slowly developing into a competition horse. Her story reminds us that even if we go through hard things we must be kind and if we try our best we can overcome and achieve anything.